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Circular Number Circular Name Circular Date
01/2024 Selection Procedure to be Followed in Instances Where the Number of Candidates with Equal Marks Exceeds the Remainder of the Advertised Number of Va... 2024-03-14
05/2020(I) Making postgraduate Qualification for promotion to Special Grade and Grade I Applicable in Terms of the Approved Schemes of Recruitment or/and Service... 2023-12-31
05/2023 Designating authorities to be in charge of administrative functions with respect to the powers exercised by the Public Service Commission... 2023-12-21
04/2023 Appointment to Grade I posts in the Sri Lanka Administrative Service, Sri Lanka Planning Service and Sri Lanka Accountancy Service.... 2023-10-11
02/2023 Eligibility of officers to attempt efficiency bars of higher grades of service/post - 02/2023... 2023-10-02
03/2023 Procedure to be followed when taking action regarding the documents pertaining to the incident regarding which disciplinary action is taken against a ... 2023-09-27
01/2023(I) Public Service Commission Circular No. 01/2023(I)... 2023-08-28
02/2022(II) Public Service Commission Circular No. 02/2022(II)... 2023-05-31
01/2023 Public Service Commission Circular No. 01/2023... 2023-03-29
02/2022(I) Public Service Commission Circular No. 02/2022(I)... 2023-02-02