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PSC Circulars
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1 04/2018 Fulfilling the post graduate requirement in terms of the provisions of the Service Minutes of All Island Services
2 05/2018 - Determining the period of promotion when a public officer confirmed in the post is appointed to another permanent post in the public service
3 02/2018 - Reversion of an Officer recruited under limited or merit stream to his former service during the acting period
4 03/2018 - Imposition of disciplinary punishments against the officers retired under Section 12 of the Minute of Pensions
5 01/2018 - Computation of the immediately preceding satisfactory period of service of an officer who has obtained no pay leave, when grade promotions are made in accordance with the Service Minute and Schemes of Recruitment
6 04/2017 - Release of officers in the Public Service to take up a new post in the Public Service which includes a period of training
7 02/2017 - Release of an officer from the public service for services in the Government Volunteer Force or Volunteer Reserve
8 03/2017 - Reversion to former service by an officer who has duly relinquished his former post to accept another post in the public service or outside it
9 01/2017 Furnish particulars of officers in appointing to Post on Permanent/Acting/Attending to the duties basis
10 03/2016 Concessions for Efficiency Bar Examinations
11 02/2016 - Avoiding delays concerning Appointments and Promotions
12 01/2016 - Amending the Section 7.2.5 of the Guidelines for preparing Schemes of Recruitment and Service Minutes
13 02/2014 - 2 Definition on the "Active Period of Service" of the Public Service
14 03/2015 - Deferment of Salary Increments as Disciplinary Punishments
15 02/2014 -1 Definition on the "Active Period of Service" of the Public Service
16 01/2015 - Necessity for inclusion of Interim Provisions in the Schemes of Recruitment
17 03/2014 - Coming into force of the provisions of the new Service Minutes of the Sri Lanka Engineering Service, Sri Lanka Animal Production and Health Service and Sri Lanka Agriculture Service - 27-10-2014
18 02/2014 - Definition on the “Active Period of Service” of the Public Service - 28-01-2014
19 01/2014 - Concessions for Efficiency Bar Examinations - 31-01-2014
20 01/2013 - Deciding upon provisions relating to promotion under exceptional performance set out in the schemes of recruitment and service minutes
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