Health Service Committee

Duties and Functions of the Division

  • Appointment of Medical Officers, Dental Officers and Ayurvedic Medical Officers to Preliminary Grade
  • Confirmation of Medical Officers, Dental Officers and Ayurvedic Medical Officers
  • Promotions of Medical Officers, Dental Officers and Ayurvedic Medical Officers to Grade II, Grade I and Specialist Grade
  • Appointment based Promotions of officers belonging to Medical Administrative Grade and Special Grade Promotions to officers belonging to the Nursing Service, Service of Professions Supplementary to Medicine and Para Medical Services
  • Annual Transfers
  • Special appeals on transfers
  • Providing of observations and recommendations to PSC on transfer appeals
  • Granting of concessions for Efficiency Bar Examinations
  • Retirement other than those under Section 17 of the Minutes on Pensions, Resignations, Release from the service on permanent or temporary basis, Appointments on the basis of Acting or attend to duties, Rejoining, Re-employment on contract basis of Medical Officers, Nursing Officers & Public Management Assistant Officers
  • Disciplinary procedures
    • Issuance of Charge Sheet
    • Appointment of Inquiry Officer, Prosecution Officer & Defending Officer
    • Disciplinary order based on lengthy reply
    • Disciplinary order based on Formal Disciplinary Inquiry
    • Mrs. K.G.S. Dinesha
    • Re - instatement of officers on Notice of VOP
  • Granting of approval to promote Ayurvedic Medical Officers & Departmental Officers to Supra Grade



Mr. Ranjith Maligaspe Chairman

Former Retired Secretary - Ministry of Health
Former Retired Chairman – Corporation


Mr. Sinnathambi Shanmugam

Former Retired Deputy Chief Secretary – Eastern Province
Former Retired GA – Vavniya/ Batticaloa


Mr. S.M.G. Jayarathna

Former Retired Secretary - Ministry of Labour
Former Retired Secretary - Ministry of Education


Mr. L. A. Kalukapuarachchi Secretary